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How to Decide which Snowmobile for Sale is Right for You

When the snow flies, outdoor lovers head for their sleds to make some tracks. If your current machine is beat, you’re probably looking for a quality snowmobile for sale so you’ll be ready to hit it hard when the white stuff accumulates. Because there are so many snowmobiles for sale it might be helpful to take a look at these tips to help you narrow your decision.
Ski Doo Snowmobile Olympic 320 AS

Ski Doo Snowmobile Olympic 320 AS

Price: $2,100.00
Time Left: 5h 9m
2015 Polaris Indy 600 New

2015 Polaris Indy 600 New

Price: $6,699.00
Time Left: 6h 57m
2015 Polaris Indy 600 ES New

2015 Polaris Indy 600  ES New

Price: $6,999.00
Time Left: 6h 58m
2015 Polaris SwitchBack 600 PROS New

2015 Polaris SwitchBack 600  PROS New

Price: $9,999.00
Time Left: 7h
1. Match the snowmobile for sale to the rider who will use it most often.  These are not “one size fits all” machines.  Larger sleds can be tough for smaller folks to maneuver, steer, or deal with if they get stuck.  By the same token, smaller machines may not perform as well with a larger rider aboard – or if two people are out for a ride together.  If you are not an experienced rider it is a better choice to go with a smaller machine for your size.  It may not be as fast as a larger model, but that’s probably a good thing.  You’ll rarely regret having “too little sled” but having too much machine underneath you can lead to problems.  

2. Match the speed of the machine to the skill of the rider.  Some models of snowmobiles for sale are capable of speeds well in excess of 125 mph.  Only skilled riders should consider straddling a beast like that and burying the needle.  Less experienced riders will have just as much fun and be safer choosing snowmobiles for sale with less power.  

3. Consider the use of the machine before you decide on the right snowmobile for sale.  Do you have a couple of acres in the backyard and plan to ride there?  You won’t need a high-powered sled for that.  Racing on lakes or open fields competitively requires an entirely different kind of machine.  Will you be taking riders along?  Then choose a larger sled with a bigger seat.  These simple considerations when looking at a snowmobile for sale will help you determine if it may be the right one.

4. Compare new versus used snowmobiles for sale.  A 2-year old snowmobile may cost 25-50% less than a new model and perform just as well.  If the price of the used snowmobile for sale is right, you might find you’ve got a great bargain, even if it needs a bit of work or has minor cosmetic issues.  If your budget allows or you plan to keep a machine for 6-8 seasons of hard riding, then selecting a new snowmobile for sale may make more sense.  

The top brands in the snowmobiles like Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha and Arctic Cat all offer excellent used and new snowmobiles for sale each season.  Take some time to evaluate your skills, purposes and opportunities for riding and you’ll make the right call on which snowmobile for sale you ultimately select.